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Who We Are

Paper Clever Party specializes in designing celebration essentials that are sure to leave a lasting impression. Whether you're throwing a grand gala or an intimate gathering, our products are designed to create cherished memories.

As a small business, we take great pride in being a part of your special event.


Each of our party supplies is designed in-house, printed in the USA, and personally hand-packed by us with care. You won't find our unique offerings anywhere else.


Thank you for choosing to support a US-based business like ours.

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The story of our beginning is a tale of fate that began in 2011. Our founder, Robin, was on a mission to plan the perfect second birthday party for her son. Her love for party planning and dedication to finding the best party supplies to bring her vision to life had always been her obsession.


It was during this experience that she had a sudden realization that changed everything. She saw an opportunity to combine her passion for planning events, her meticulousness for perfect party supplies, her design expertise, and her creativity to create something truly unique. This epiphany led to the birth of Paper Clever Party.

She thought she could and so she did...

At Paper Clever Party, we like to do things differently. Every product you see on our website has been crafted to our idea of perfection.

We look at the bigger picture and the small details to provide the highest quality party supplies. Nothing has been mass-produced to ensure everything is unique.

As a future-forward company that cares for the planet. We use recyclable products and sustainable energy, whenever possible. Everything is manufactured right here in the USA, so rest assured you're getting the best. 

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